Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flick the Switch

Below is a news feed from my Facebook Account... please read! It’s a status update, with comments from his friends.... brace yourself for the full face smack of STUPIDITY! I can't tell you how much my blood is boiling, my emotion in full on rage mode over this piece of work... I will now flick my lights for the entire night to ensure I'm making up for the stupid people of this world.

Dick Frick...... earth day schmearth day
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You like this.

Martha idiotish at 8:49am March 28
I know exactly how u feel...with so much going on in the world..who the hell thinks of "earth day"?

Sam Smart at 8:54am March 28
Hello??! It doesn't cost a thing to celebrate earth day people! And you can still be mindful of other things going on in the world... while it's still here.

Martha idiotish at 8:59am March 28
I know Sioban!..I have an eight year old at home, so I will be doing the "hour" thing, just because I think its important to him...but I, as an adult, know that there are more important things to think about.

Dick Frick at 9:01am March 28
dimming my lights for an hour will not cure AIDS, world starvation or kill Geo. W. Bush....while it may save my landlord's not high on MY list of priorities.

Joe Right at 9:19am March 28
You *could* save some hydro or you could ride the bitter bus with Darryl. ;)

Dick Frick at 9:20am March 28
i'm nothing if not bitter

“So much happening in the world, and who thinks about earth day”... uummm firstly there wouldn’t be much happening in the world if we didn’t have one! I don’t think using less of our resources is contributing to disease, famine or even a old president. Its our narrow minded thoughts and actions that are raising the stakes in our life and how we live it.

The youth of today have it right, they understand about the impact we have on our earth, and how we abuse it in our daily routine in life. To leave your lights on creates Co2 that goes into our atmosphere and creates a barrier to prevent heat from escaping our atmosphere... thus making ice melt in the arctic, weather patterns changing all over the globe which is creating famine by not allowing us to grow the food to feed the billions we have here. Then what about the funds we are using to prevent this global devastation that could be better used to find the cure for aids and other diseases. Its costing billions around the globe to figure out how to keep the polar ice from melting, weather patterns changing, and releasing energy from our atmosphere, yet turning out lights cost’s nothing, but saves billions.... sounds too easy for some I guess!

I personally want to shove a light bulb up their ass and flick the switch to ‘on’ and see what happens. They can feel their insides getting warm, then burning , something like our earth must feels on a daily basis! Can you imagine if the world could speak, what it would be saying to us? Although if we look around we can see what its saying... its telling us we are killing it! Yes killing it, just like that news feed killed me to think that Canadians actually think like this... then again they are from Toronto! Looking at concrete all day makes you forget that outside an urban centre there is green living skylines that are more appealing to look at then lit up buildings, and neon signs.

Its always the most simple idea’s that make the biggest difference, and this is brilliant. To be against this because you think your landlord will save money, or it doesn’t cure disease, or even a president of a country is utterly ridiculous. It’s about saving this world, our lifestyle and handing it over to the future generations the way we were handed it ... in working condition!

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